Battery keeps corroding!

Posted by JwUoNoG, Mar 8, 2005

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  1. JwUoNoG

    JwUoNoG Proven Member

    Joined Aug 12, 2004
    Perry Hall/Parkville, Maryland
    In the past month, my battery terminals have corroded about 3 or 4 times. It gets to the point where the car won't even start. What should I do? Can i just buy new terminals?

    Why does it keep corroding?

    It sure did make me mad. I punched my closet door.. and it broke. :laugh: :shhh:

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  2. RamenPride

    RamenPride Proven Member

    Joined Aug 18, 2002
    Virginia Beach, Virginia
    clean the posts with baking soda and water. you can try putting on those felt washers also. coating the terminals with grease helps also.
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  3. Defiant

    Defiant DSM Wiseman

    Joined Jan 13, 2003
    glorious Galt, California
    On the end of the battery rack at Wal*Mart there's a bubble package with a little tiny spray can. It's some horrid red goo, costs $3, and a layer of it will quell corrosion forever. Use some cardboard around the area so you don't get overspray everywhere.
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  4. garagetuner160

    garagetuner160 Proven Member

    Joined Mar 7, 2005
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    if the battery is old, it could of developed a crack if the car sat for a while over the winter.

  5. JwUoNoG

    JwUoNoG Proven Member

    Joined Aug 12, 2004
    Perry Hall/Parkville, Maryland
    The battery's brand new. I'm gonna buy some new terminals, and then get some of that red goop stuff. I'm also gonna get some terminal protector things, I don't have those right now.

    Take that, battery terminal corrosion. :mad:
  6. Toshiro

    Toshiro Proven Member

    Joined Dec 21, 2003
    Sacramento, California
    I had the same problem, and it got to where my car wouldn't start at all. I cleaned the terminals with baking soda and water, and it fixed it for a few hours (next morning it was worse than before). Finally the solution was to simply pull the cables off, completely clean everything, put new felt washers on and GREASE them. I think the source of this problem in the first place may have been a lack of grease, but now they have been working fine and are very clean after a few weeks.
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  7. GTM

    GTM Proven Member

    Joined Nov 26, 2002
    Los Angeles, California
    One thing not mentioned is overcharging which causes out gassing and the vapors condense on various parts.

    Yes it's best if you remove the terminals from the battery and use a proper cleaning tool for both the posts and terminals, use the baking soda for cleaning the salts. Wash the crud out of the battery box and surrounding area, dry things off and use the color coded corrosion inhibotor pads or attach cables, positive first ... right. Then use the foaming red stuff (baking soda, red dye, and light grease??) If aerosol lithium grease is cheaper then used that for you will have plenty to lube all your hinges, locks, latches for the next year.

    Do monitor battery voltage static and after 1/2 hour plus of driving every few days for as mentioned above you could have an overchaging condition.


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