Back Into The DSM Scene, Bought A Talon TSi, Now What!?

Posted by PhrostReaver, Jun 16, 2011
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  1. PhrostReaver

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    Jun 16, 2011
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    Greetings, I Recently Decided To Rejoin The DSM Crowd (Owned Lots Of DSM And Captive Import Mitsus Before) By Grabbing Up A Cheap, Well Maintained '91 Talon TSi For About 400 Bucks :thumb: , I KNOW It Needs A New Ignition Module And Brake Pads, Among Other Things I Want To Do To It.

    Now, Im On A Self-Inforced Budget Of $250 A Month For This Build, And Obviously The Ignition Module And Brakes Are First, But After Its Basic Repairs, What Kind Of Upgrades Can I / Should I Put Into Her First? ...I Was Thinking Of Doing Up One Of Those Coil-On-Plug Ignitions Since I Have To Hunt A Stock One Down Anyway, BUT I Was Told By Another Member From Sarnia That It Would Be Useless Unless I Made 500+ HP ..But Im After a Second, Or Even A Third Opinion On The Subject..:confused:

    But As For Everything Else, Totally Looking For Direction Here, Should I Grab A DSMLink And Start There? ..Or Is There Any Particular Component Of The TSis That Lacks Compared To The Rest Of The Car?

    Sorry For The Long Post, Kinda Exited; Like A First Car When Your 16!:hellyeah: NEVER Owned a Turbo DSM/Mitsu ..The ONE Other Turbo Being A 88 LeBaron Turbo Coupe, But It Was Auto ><

    **Also Looking To Sell Those TSi Rims, And Find A Set Of Eclipse GSX 5 Spokes, Am I Dreaming?**

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    Good first couple upgrades are usually either a MBC, or intake. You cant go wrong with supporting upgrades for further mods. Ie. fuel pump/injectors.

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