Attention Ohio Dsmer's!!! Rare talon body parts for sale

Posted by Boosted DSM 32, Aug 27, 2012
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    Hey guys ive had a full 2gb talon body swap for a while now and for some reason i havent had any hits on it? So im putting it up for sale again to see if i can gain some interest... These pieces are the hardest dsm body pieces to come by and i have the full set!

    I'm asking best offer for them, but i do know what there worth so please dont low ball me :thumb: ALSO i would be interested in trading for 1g performance parts or partial trade and cash. I really would be interested in some cams...turbo setups.. really would like a fmic as well! Let me know what you guys have or if your interested in buying them, ill sell as a whole set or seperate.

    Parts I Have...

    2gb talon aggressive front bumper
    2gb talon rear bumper
    2ga "twisty" talon side skirts
    2gb talon hatch with talon high rise wing

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