Any DSMers in KC area that are masters of 6 bolt swaps?

Posted by 95EclipseGST, Dec 4, 2009

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  1. 95EclipseGST

    95EclipseGST Proven Member

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    Kansas City, Missouri
    I just put together my second 6 bolt in this car and the 3rd day driving it, the front cover/ oil pump gear area got really messed up and i swear it torqued everything right and did things exactly right. I had a brand new OEM oil pump front cover, oil pump driven gears. I lost oil pressure all the sudden and when i stopped immediately, the small gear at the lower right, that the timing belt is on, got so hot that it burned a hole through my timing belt cover and caught it on fire. I was upset and just had it towed to mitsu to see what happened. They said one of the oil pump gears had started wallowing out its hole of the front cover. My timing belt jumped teeth but not sure if valves are bent. I shut everything off immediately. Anyway, i havent been able to pull it again yet, but the lower timing gear, i torqued to 30ft lbs with threadlocker red and the nut on the back of one of the oil pump driven gears, i also torqued and used threadlocker. I dont understand what could have went wrong and i used brand new OEM parts and had the hydraulic tensioner "exactly" within its tolerance. I now have to drop the oil pan and see how much metal got in there and replace the oil pump cover and get all new gears. I just wanted even someone who "really" knows the "little ins and outs" of these 6 bolt swaps, with their BSE kit etc. I still cant think of anything i could have done wrong. i primed the oil pump good. Can an oil pump just sieze up even after its primed though? One thing to mention also is that for some reason, from the time i got the car running, it blew out my dipstick a few times, but i checked oil levels and put it back in. I even did the Oil port mod in the oil filter housing. Can someone please give me some advice on what they think happened? Or what could have went wrong? I would just pay someone to oversee the oil pump front gear part be put together again. It seems pretty simple but obviosly theres something i messed up. I am so pissed to hear that everyones 6 bolts just work great and they are ripping around town and im on my second 6bolt engine that never ran right in the first place, it was always something. Oil in coolant and other stupid stuff, but now i go and spend money on a whole new engine and a bunch of mods and this happens 3 days later. I, having a mental breakdown over this POS but im too caught and would lose too much by selling it. :banghead: sigh... Theres gotta be a way to get this thing running and last me at least a few years. Im beyond upset with my POS dsm. It was down for 2 years, and then this. I swear it is cursed and im not kidding. Its THAT bad ! :(

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  2. AWD92TalonTSi

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    Battle Creek, Michigan
    Sounds like the oil pump sprocket loosened up on you. Causing the oil pump to start slipping as the sprocket backed off which would explain the friction causing the fire and jumped timing.

    For future reference bullet points are alot easier to read when listing out items :)


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