1g $25 DIY Hood Struts (Cheapest/Easiest Method)

Posted by Paintballaa5, Mar 14, 2017
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    Since nobody offers a hood strut kit for our cars anymore, I decided to make my own after reading a few threads discussing different methods. A lot of what I was reading had some hard to find parts, and I think I have simplified it down as easy as it gets. This only took maybe an hour, including getting the hood lined back up.

    All you will need is:

    Ball studs:

    And hood struts from an 02-03 Acura TL:

    (I'm sure the ebay listing will disappear, so just search for the Acura's struts)

    Specs for these are:
    Extended Length (inches) 14.13
    Compressed Length (inches) 9.53

    I was able to get both for only $24 shipped!

    Start by taking off your hood and hinges, and prepare to drill your hole. Try to keep them in the same location on both. I honestly just eyeballed height and measured 1/8" in.


    I just happened to have a bit that was the perfect size- the stud actually tapped itself going in. If you do this, use some cutting oil, or wd40 if you're in a hurry, and thread it in slowly, backing off frequently.


    This probably would have been just fine with some loctite.. it was plenty strong. But after cutting down the stud so it wasn't so long (just hit it with a cut off wheel.. you want it nearly flush), I went ahead and hit it with a quick weld on the back of it for added strength. I don't believe there would be enough room to fit a nut back there, but I didn't try. If you don't have access to a welder, maybe put some jb weld on the threads that protrude to keep it from backing out.. should be fine.

    Replace this fender bolt with another stud.. it's a direct fit. Throw a washer under it for good measure.


    Now put your hood back on and pop the struts in place!







    It's a pretty tight fit but there's really no way to mess it up. The ball end is just short enough to clear the fender with the strut attached.
    Good luck!
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