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Ramchargers GM MAF Translator
GM MAF Translator
Manufacturer: Ramchargers
Product:  GM MAF Translator
MSRP: $199.00
(MSRP is typically higher than most shop prices)
The MAF Translator will allow the use of a GM MAF sensor on the 1G Talon and Eclipse turbo cars. This low restriction unit will drasticly improve spool up time and air flow. The Translator will also allow for full fuel control so that you may tune your car for changing conditions or modifications. You may also compensate for different injector sizes when you reach the time for an upgrade. Simple plug in installation plus 1 wire tap is all you will have to do. A 3 sensor, cone filter and the Translator can be installed in about 20 minutes on the stock flex hose in the stock location. Requires a GM MAF - sold separately.

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