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Competition Clutch 2100 Clutch Kit
2100 Clutch Kit
Manufacturer: Competition Clutch
Product:  2100 Clutch Kit
MSRP: $325.00
(MSRP is typically higher than most shop prices)
This innovative clutch uses Competition Clutch disc technology specifically developed for drag racers. The pucks are made from a ceramic/bronze composite that has a very high heat tolerance and good insluating characteristics, so it can take the high-revving, clutch-slipping launches the DSM's are famous for.

Competition Clutch's unique pressure plate uses a relocated pivot point for the lever arms, so the pedal pressure is much lower than other manufacturers' plates of the same clamping load. Unlike the competitor's super-stiff pedal (which can bend clutch levers and damage pedal linkages) the 2500-pound pressure plate needs only 35% more pedal pressure than stock, despite having almost double the clamping force! The 2100-pound pressure plate takes a mere 20% more pedal pressure than stock. This lower pedal pressure is a HUGE benefit for 2G turbo owners, who need to avoid excessive pressure on the thrust bearings to reduce the chance for crank walk.

The discs are fully sprung to help reduce the engagement shudder that unsprung discs exhibit. Since fewer pucks mean more pressure applied per square inch, the four-puck holds more torque, but will be quicker to engage (meaning it's harder to slip it).
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