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Jul 20, 2017 at 11:02 PM
Oct 9, 2011
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Proven Member, from Nebraska

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Jul 20, 2017 at 11:02 PM
    1. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Hey.. how ya been?
    2. 91boostedgst
      Hey are you currently in scottsbluff ne
    3. preludeachris
      dude im SOO down for that I run another cub part time as well called NISE (Nebraska Import street enthusiasts) mostly hondas on there but everyone is welcome its on Facebook look us up man

      PS i grew up on Omaha im there a lot :)
    4. preludeachris
      thanks for the add my first friend lol
    5. Aramane
      call or text me about that cable 515-802-5792 (shane)
      How much are you asking for it?
    6. Aramane
      Do you have an openport 2.0 cable or know anyone with one?
    7. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Holy hellll. Those are expensive.. There has to be a cheaper way to do it
    8. Jonny J
    9. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Hey if I get a 16g turbo, injectors, and a fuel pump. How much would it cost to time it?
    10. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      I got a picture of it. Do you have a phone number? It'd be easier to talk without always having to check this site. Plots I can send you that picture and maybe you could tell if its bad or not
    11. Jonny J
      Jonny J
    12. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Yeah ik what you mean. I'm far from an expert.. but I still know a little something about cars. But about ebay. Everyone says that the turbos on there are complete crap. But they're so cheapcompared to craigslist. And intercoolers are so much cheaper on Ebay. I just want my car to be atlike 300 horse, but still be my dd. The sad part is I have no idea how to do it..
    13. Jonny J
      Jonny J
      Hey I saw that you were close to me, So I figured it would be nice to have a fellow dsm'er I could chat with and maybe someday meet. I plan on taking my car to the ICC but as of right now I dont know if ill make it. I have a lot of work to do yet in it. Thats why IF you see any good deals on stuff down in Omaha like for a turbo or IC then I will greatly appreciate it. Because I dont have a crazy lot of money so getting stuff at a low price will help me out till my funds go up.
    14. eric72549
      aww man that would be beast. hey you dont work at the family dollar on 13st do u everytime i go downtown i see a red gsx parked out front of there.. but i am on srt forum now and nobody is on there from omaha so no srt meets im starting to miss my dsm now.
    15. eric72549
      hhaaa hell yeah i hate traffic when driving a 5 speed.. u ever fix the trannny yet
    16. eric72549
      damn that sucks so i take it your car is down right now.. yeah i should post a thread in the midwest section to try and get a meet here going this probaly next weekend after new years or whenever..
    17. eric72549
      haha hell yeah man shoot sorry i been M,I,A ive been busy. but man if snow dont come soon i might just give the dsm a fresh oil change and try too get a few people too meet up here soon if ppl are down
    18. eric72549
      haha yeah man i had that greddy bost controller i was awsome but my DA forgot to take it out when i sold my last dsm i was pissed that like 250 bucks i got to spend on a new one..lol but i havent heard the nrg bov i got an hks ssqv bov its alright everyone kinda has it.. but yeah when this snow is got and salt ima post a bullit in the omaha fourums to have a dsm meet sometime.
    19. eric72549
      aw yeah the greddy one are just soo expencive idk why but that what i got just havent installed it yet. and you can get a TT cheap on ebay 20 buck shiped and they are acually decent and not a POS. oh yeah i havent seen that kit is it expencive?? and your the one who bought that gsx..lol i was gonna buy that one too just go i could have a gst and a gsx but he was askingquite a bit something like 4900 right??
    20. eric72549
      yeah it just bolted right up with no problem really it was a pretty good kit but i cold have just gotten lucky yakno.. but yeah TT= turbo timer do you have one or a boost controller im looking for one that has both in one device but i cant find one. did you buy your gsx off CL with the bad syncros?? if u rebuild the trans ship it to jacks or sheps tranmissions and have it done right.
    21. eric72549
      yeah man i hear Ya. but i would for sure go 18g for a few bucks more and get alot more power. but man for a fmic i would go ebay they are way cheaper and work just fine i have an obx on my and it is perfect but thats about the only mod i would buy off ebay there are a few more things like TT and stuff but thats about it. and what are you gonna get to tune with.?? man i just had a new 255 walbro fuel pump i sond for 50 bucks new i wish i would of know u needed one. but make sure you get the supporting mods before you buy the turbo yakno.. But you have an AWD you can make that pretty fast man bit get a fmic first. do you have a boost controller yet
    22. eric72549
      Whats up man
      yeah the tein springs are pretty bad i mean they were okay at first but i feel every freaking bump living in omaha with all these POTHOLES..lol im about to get it over with and get coilovers, and i had a legir bm but it started getting crappy so i my buddie put some off brand one in it works fine, What about you do you still drive your gsx around in the snow like today, do you plan on upgrading your turbo.
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    Sean and Steven = TWINS
    '98 GSX HX35
    '95 GSX S259
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