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May 28, 2017 at 5:01 PM
Aug 30, 2011
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Nasty Dream

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May 28, 2017 at 5:01 PM
    1. Nasty Dream
      Nasty Dream
      I sent some friend requests because I realized I never did.

      I want to put this on my profile: Broke the clutch fork with my ACT 2600. Broke the gas pedal somehow at some point. Maybe I'm a little hard on the controls, but I'm nice to my car honestly.
      After I ordered an OEM one, I saw there is a forged clutch fork. But I think the Competition Clutch 2100 will be kinder. I would expect it's not as strong as the ACT 2600 was, but it grabs great, but there's much more chatter I need to try and avoid at this point. I heard it's much better than the ACT 2100.
    2. Doubleot
      Probably lol. Thanks again though! Really appreciate it!
    3. Doubleot
      Lol thanks man. I am curious though, which picture did you see?
    4. Tfitch90
      Lol I yea i broight it from my brother like this actually this is his picture lol nothings changed tho
    5. beendenied
      Props dude, I was cruisin' the forums and saw a prob. member with 2xx posts, and I was like.. Here we go again... lol, but your posts actually contribute.
    6. Nasty Dream
      Nasty Dream
      You can easily find the sticker 'Objects in Mirror are Losing' using Google.
    7. turboglenn
      Thanks forr the kind words, it's something over the years i've just kinda come to terms with as well as looking at everything i can do as "being in spite of said issues"

      Go ahead and pull the restrictor out, all it does is make the clucth engage slow and smoothly enough where any idiot off the street could get in and basically take off from a light without killing it a million times. With more power all it does is slip the clutch more and get it hot so it won't hold power LOL The cclutch will be grabbier and you'll have to relearn all the basic clutch operations in day to day driving (just a slight change in how fast the clutch grabs) but getting rid of it is a plus any way you look at it for some one who's comfortable enough to hop in any 5 speed car and drive in traffic hold themselves on a hill without the brake etc...

      best of luck, let me know how you like the feel of it once you're done
    8. 95gst16g
      Hey just replying to your comment you left.yes my car does have a walbro 255 rewired....don't do any good right now as the car has a spun bearing! I have been neglecting it though because I got myself a 03 evo8 :)
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    learning as I go. The clutch was done by a garage


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