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Jun 25, 2017 at 2:40 PM
    1. dsmcurse
      Ya, me and erin are all the way finished and broke up. Doesn't bother me at all. I still get Foxy and erin at least don't play the "u aint the real dad" card. Erin is a biatch and already has a new boyfriend. Only thing that makes me be pist is that there's some idiot around my baby lil girl fox. But, I tell my self this when I think about erin "she's someone else's problem now" so that helps me. I don't see fox as much as I want to but at least I do. I'm still unsure how the "big-picture" of it all is gonna turn out?

      I'm just kinda roll w/ the punches and see how things work themselve's out. THanks agin for bein the type a person that you are. Its nice to talk like this and not worry about being judged.

      Who knows? Maybe someday we'll meet in person at a big DSM meet. Thanks agin.
    2. dsmcurse
      hey man,things have been ruff, but its deffinatley gettin better. things are turnin around for sure. how has life been treating you?
    3. dsmcurse
      Thank you for your kind words of wisdom my friend. Your encouragement truly gives me motivation to pull a rabit outa my hat and make some magic happen here. Thank you agin. Sincerley bro.
    4. dsmcurse
      thanks for being a shoulder to lean on (figuretivley speaking) world needs more people like you. thanks agin
    5. dsmcurse
      talk about embarissing... but ya, i went to jail one night (in totally un-just and un-fair fassion) missed the entire day at work and missed gettin a SUPER IMPORTANT boat out the door. it was already a totally tight deadline. but ya, got laid off. ive been totally lookin into the North Dakota job market. i have considered goin out to the middle of the country and makin some real money. IDK... maybe a few 5 or 6 months of SOLID HARD WORK is just what the doctor ordered...
    6. dsmcurse
      i live in the lewis-clark valley, a nice comunity of about 100,000 people, hells canyon is in our backyard and this comunity is litterally the Jet-Boat capital of the world, ive been a marine mechanic buildin boats for the last 7 or 8 years. worked at ThunderJetBoats for about 5 years, went to CustomWeld for a couple years then started riggin boats for ReconCraft. at ReconCraft they only build military/police boats. it was a AWSOME job. was there almost a year makin $18/HR with as much overtime as possible. this is the job where erin would just walk out into the shop and start arguments with me right there in the middle of the boat factory
    7. dsmcurse
      im supper tired of her havin leverage over me, i feel like sayin, "listen you unworthy sorry excusse for a human-being, you hold no cards anymore so kick gravel and travel" but we'll see... moneys tight being on unemployment. im seriously used to living off of 18 bux a hour, like 38G a year kinda job. but ive only been on un-enjoyment for about 3months. im gettin super cabin fever of boredom. i gotta get up and get a job yo :)
    8. dsmcurse
      your totally right about any ol punk-a$$ dude can make a baby. it takes a man to be a father. trust me, ive been there for fox. been there since day one. that lil baby cant talk yet but if she could, she would say im her favorite. she totally would. the looks writen all across her eyes and the eyes never lie you know? i wouldnt sit here and try and bull$hit my self up to ya's man, id only be fibbin to myself. i have done alot for erin and she has totally burned me. i totally wanna bail on erin. sux cause it makes me feel like if i dump her, shes gonna take fox away from me
    9. dsmcurse
      one thing that sucks bad is that im already 2 payments behind on child support, yep, that worthless excusse of a woman turned me into child support for no reason at all, were basically living together and i watch Fox ALL THE TIME. im not a deadbeat and not buy formula or diapers. I PAY FOR EVERYTHING AS IT IS! and she is so greedy that she's got me turned into child support to get my money directly. its ruff payin for rent on a 4bedroom house, supporting a GF and new baby, payin old education loans, now i got lawyer bills and child support to deal with. she makes me sick cause woman have a sixth sense about this kinda stuff. im willing to bet she knew the whole time fox wasnt mine.
    10. dsmcurse
      ya, theres no question in my mind that Fox would ever pull that card. Its erin that i trully worry about. i could see her spillin the beans to lil foxy when she is like 6 or 7 year old kid. do you know how hard that would be for a kid to take in? omg... sucha $hitty situation. my sister who is only a year younger than me but seems to be twice as succsefull in life actually kinda mentors me like a older sister. she has offered up some good advice late last night when i went to her house and told her and my brother-in-law the news. i was glad to just get it off my chest. tellin that sh** on tuners was the first of me talkin about it. kinda gave me courage to go tell the fam ya know?
    11. dsmcurse
      ya man, im not sure what im gonna do, sux cause how the F do you break the news to my parents? how do i tell my old old grandma and my aunty that Fox aint mine? it sux SO bad. my family LOVES that baby. never thought id have to deal with this kinda crap. im thinkin i might walk away, but then agin that would be the easy way out. fox is gonna need a dad, but if you knew this erin chick, you would know how evil she is and theres no tellin what she is capable of... im curently at a lose of words... but thanks for the messages man. thats pretty damn humble of you.
    12. dsmcurse
      hey man, thanks for the message thats awsome. my name is tristen im 28 years old and just found out this $hit about the paternity. its super tuff to deal with. i havent even told my parents or nothin. i saw your new years post and thought "#### it, im gonna get this off my chest" so thanks for that. by the way, im not the one who added pics in that thread. that budGSX guy had some smartass comment about it? i thought "ya, the babys mommas dramas pictures belong on the facebook not tuners" i didnt post that pic. not that it even matters. but thanks for your concern bro
    13. jls_frog
      I love the bumper release kit makes life so much easier, plus they were super easy to install
    14. turboglenn
      Sorry for the late reply, I can do the valve cover fittings for you any time, I makemy living on metal working, welding and machining so anytime you need it done' just let me know

    15. Detective Coating
      Detective Coating
      Deleted some messages so I got room now!
    16. DSMxJB
    17. DSMxJB
      Hey bro shoot me a text I lost your number and I've been meaning to text you. I boost leak tested my car today and I seen your friend with the srt at his work lol.
    18. DSMxJB
      Yeah, I was thinking it was just the way the bov sounded because every time I look for it I find mixed answers but I can hear it through my exhaust when I listen closely so I know it's surge. I want to get a NGR Type S. New things in the mail is awesome lol. I got three things in one day I was hella happy. Me too I want to do it soon. Haha, I seen him I thought he was your friend too cause I know he graduated a year before me lol. He looked like someone from Beyer at least.
    19. DSMxJB
      Yeah, I think I'm going to get a new bov soon. The HKS is giving me compressor surge and I want to recirculate. Aw, that's too bad I'd be pissed. Idk if there are different ones I just look at the numbers and get it where I need it lol but I haven't used one in a very long time. All my stuff came in two days ago. I'm gonna put on my door handles today and already put my new dipstick in. The boost leak tester looks good too. Well, some people do it like once a month just to check because they can pop up so if it's simple enough I'm going to make a routine of it. Yeah and then he bought another I told him he should have went b series. Yeah, it kinda sucks but they've all been that way. They never have the 2gb Idk why it's weird. You should sent me your number in a PM or I could send you mine first if you want. I'm off today btw I worked a grave shift last night so I got today off.
    20. DSMxJB
      Yeah, I know lol it's nice to be working though I like the money I got payed again today. When you need it let me know it wouldn't be a problem. Well when I do mine I was hoping we could do yours too because I've never actually done one and we've both read a bit about it. We can use my car to make sure we do it right lol. Ohhh, yeah I understand lol my buddy blew a d15 like that lol. Yeah, I need to read more about it too. Yep, it is absolutely amazing if you like racing games. Not many DSMs though only a 2ga gsx and 2gb talon tsi awd plus a starion if you wanna count that. Do you have texting?
    21. DSMxJB
      Haha, yeah it just sucks I don't really have time for anything anymore but it's good. I don't think we have one of those lol but we have a torque wrench (not digital). I wouldn't either on those parts lol nothing that rotates. I didn't and the rain cleaned mine too haha. I ordered the boost leak tester, door handles, and dipstick just now and I went to pick n pull earlier today and fixed my blinkers. Why not? Traction? lol. Yep, it will get done with time. Yeah, I'll run e85 as much as possible but if it comes down to it and I have to get pump I'll have a tune for that too. I have read a bit because I want to have a little knowledge about it when I get it but I don't know too much about it. Forza 4 is awesome btw lol.
    22. DSMxJB
      Oh, no not at all lol I'm making bank. I feel like all I've been doing is working lol. Oh, well that is probably a good thing lol. What kind of tools do you need my dad is a mechanic and we have about 4 toolboxes full of tools at the house I may have it. I think I'm going to wash it tomorrow lol no rain on the weather forecast so it's a good time. I think I only have a shift knob on the car but I have cf snowboarding bindings too and I ordered a cf gauge bezel for the car. I want to run it but it will be a long time because it's a lot of money to get there. It's all in the tune, I will have a e85 tune and a 91 pump tune in link so I will just have to switch them on link if I need to.
    23. DSMxJB
      It's just easier that way since I plan on upgraded later anyway. Well didn't get my days off lol ended up working a 15 hour shift and a 11 hour shift instead. I've been working so much lol. I get wed and thurs off now though my schedule changed. That's too bad how is it driving without ps? Mine is still hella dirty I got paid so it's going to a car wash on the next sunny day. The yellow tint looks terrible but I think that tint is just bad clear coat. I have a few things that are cf on my car and not on my car and they've never had problems. Yes, there is a station downtown. I plan on running e85 now lol after I get link I'm going to start doing fuel and I'm getting everything e85 compatible so I can run it if I want to.
    24. DSMxJB
      Well, I'm making decent money and it runs fine so I'll just wait to replace it until I can buy the upgrade lol. When something breaks it's upgrade time. That's what I've read but I could be wrong everyone says if you're gonna run 20+psi get arp studs and a cosmetic hg. Yeah, they're nice have good spool times and you can make a lot of power with them. Well, I'm off today and tomorrow then I'm working a lot because we are having a sale so hella overtime so I'm not sure when I'm available after tomorrow. I know mine looks like complete sh** now after that little bit of rain and I just cleaned it! I have seen some with that yellow tint but Idk I really like it I want it lol. Did you know we have e85 here?
    25. DSMxJB
      Yeah, and I can get the upgraded stuff. Idk if it did either but I think it probably had something to do with it since our stock head gaskets aren't very good for above 15psi. Same as you a Evo III 16G for the time being until it's ready for a Holset but that's a long time lol. Okay, I figured lol. That does suck a torque wrench is good to have. I am too I can't wait to get paid. Damn lol well I normally work days so we could always chill after work/school or something. Yep, Top Gear sponsored it and I love Top Gear also lol. Oh, probably I'd look it up on here because our cars seem to have door problems at least the handles are a big issue. I know I hate it, it's like having a black car. I love CF it's so light and looks so good. I think it just depends on the brand most of the issues I see are just clear coat issues.
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