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Dec 22, 2014 at 3:52 PM
Apr 5, 2003
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Jul 31, 1983 (Age: 31)
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Precision angle grinder operator

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99gst_racer was last seen:
Dec 22, 2014 at 3:52 PM
      Hello and greetings from Greece.
      Is it possible to pm you or email you about a question and a favour i want to ask you about the lca's?
      You can email me if you find the time :evominus@yahoo.gr
      Kind regards
    2. TomLV
      Hi, is it possible to write you somewhere private? I have some questions about compound turbo. I am trying to calculate the maps, comparing to your results, but I am lost somewhere.
    3. McSteveGsxy
      I just wanted to say thanks for the trim and the quick shipping. I wanted to post feed back but would not allow me for some reason maybe because im a probationary member? If i can figure out how I will! Thanks.
    4. 91 GSX
      91 GSX
      Wondering if you knew where I could purchase a 1g tubular k-member and lower control arms? I thought you were working on them. I also want crossmembers, but really really want a k-member. I'm in nw ohio. Thanx, Joe.
    5. spitefire1
      hey bro whats up. looking to purchase one of ## tubalur crossmembers for my 90 gsx. option 1. lmk if avalible and when can u ship out, 8458660065 thanks brandon
    6. dwdsm
      Hey Paul!,
      Your work is an inspiration to many of us, thanks for your time and support of the DSM community,
    7. dazzellerr
    8. turtlebain
      Thanks, I have mine all the way up to 665 and it's got me wondering if I'm doing it right.. maybe I'll dial em back a bit
    9. turtlebain
      Hey, I have the Lucas 1200s too, I'm wondering - what Injector Global Deadtime did you end up going with in DSMLink? I'm unsure if my current setting is correct.
    10. dsmTripp
      Wondering if you got my pm's about the tranny and transfercase... shootout weekend is near lol
    11. bgsx90
      I'm ready to sent the.payment I just need a total
    12. milby43
      thought i would ask a moderator before. But can i post MMCD logs in log file advice in the tuning forum?
    13. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      LOL yeah I saw that right after I posted that. I went to the rules 30 day expire. I was selling a sh1t ton from that post lol. Hey by the way in all seriousness I love a good custom paint job. I like the way your car is looking seriously.
    14. Brian O Conner
      Brian O Conner
      Do you know what happened to my 420a classifieds? It is gone is there a time frame when that stuff dissapears or what? Just wanting to know how that works.
    15. 95weclipse
      now would that be for a 1g? if so how much would you be selling it for?
    16. 95weclipse
      hey paul, do you happen to make tubular front subframes for a 1g ?
    17. hellokarl69
      Hi there. I've just seen your excellent work on the rear subframe fabrication. I'm in the process of attempting to convert my VW Corrado VR6 to AWD. My issue is that i don't like the standard route of using a VW Golf syncro rear subframe (which runs AWD). I saw your post and saw the sense in your design AWESOME!. I would like to know if you would be able to fabricate a subframe to suit my needs, or whether your existing subframes would be adaptable to suit my needs. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I do live in England but price and shipping aren't a major issue.


    18. boriuca
    19. sdub1111
      I was wondering if you could help with something on my car? I recently bought a 99 gst all stock besides a short shifter exhaust and greddy bov. I'm new to all this tuning buy I just installed a stage 2 XTD racing clutch with a fidanza flywheel (don't know if that's how you spell it) but its all in and now my when I go to shift it really hard to push the clutch in and hard to shift sometimes it feels like a 2 step clutch cause you can push it in and it like hits a wall and then you push harder and then it go farther. Would you have any ideas what could be wrong?
    20. eclipsalon
      Are those flames in the youtube video real or button activated?
    21. 92EagleAWD
    22. MoreGripLesSLiP
      Awsome car and i read your gearbox add. great stuff.
    23. dammitcam
      Hey Tyler Hassing said you may be interested in a project car, i have a 97 spyder awd if you are interested call or txt me 740 701 9188 im located in Kzoo
    24. Bflood
      Wow, nice car, its like a boss car youd have to race a the end or SRS or Tokyo extreme racing or somthing, Power, speed and all and all it also has show car looks,...a complete package. I wonder do you ever drive it on the street too?
    25. SPC Post
      SPC Post
      Hey I was just wondering if you knew where i could get Carbon Fiber Replacement Interior Parts.
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    Jul 31, 1983 (Age: 31)
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    Precision angle grinder operator
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    Motorstate Distributing
    Been DSMing since '01, owned 10 of them since. I'm a true addict. :)



    The Original 1G Chromoly Crossmember
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