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Precision angle grinder operator :-)

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    1. mondayj2000
      I am currently shopping around for a clutch. I run a 2g with a n/a 420 on an asphalt oval quarter mile track. I don't need a drag race clutch . The car is always in 2 gear. I'm assuming an oem clutch will work . I've seen some exedy' and luk's for around $100. What would you recommend? Thanks
    2. Electro
      This is an old friend! Hit me back when you get a chance. -Jake
    3. bu3bu3
      Hello, I want to see if you had any idea about the manual rack and pinion from a mustang II into a 2g dsm, has it worked, not really, will the "Flyin Miata" mod the only option, is their any companies out their can do the manual rack and pinion on a 2g DSM
      Thank you
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      2. 99gst_racer
        On page #2, that is a Mustang 2 rack. I found out after I got it on the k-member that it wouldn't work. I cut off the mounts and adapted the Omni rack after that. I didn't realize it, but I guess I never took any pics of that k-member with the Omni rack installed. The car is still in use and driven by Kevin Jewer. Sadly, I never got to drive the car with that rack - I always wanted to see how it felt.
        May 12, 2017
      3. bu3bu3
        Hello, I need to touch bases on what is the size of the OMNI MANUAL REAR STEER RACK & PINION that you have used in your application, and have you used the short version of it or the regular size if that make any sense ?
        here is the website that I have used for my research
        Thank you.
        Jul 17, 2017
      4. 99gst_racer
        I used rack # FR1507-2. I don't remember which tie rod ends I used though.
        Jul 17, 2017
    4. 1999eclipsegpm
      Hi, i have been searching for days trying to find 2G AWD rear adjustable toe arms. I was informed that you make them. I am vary interested in a set. please message me on how to purchase them.
    5. joemamma
      what is your price for a tubular rear awd subframe for a 97 eclipse?
    6. Chris Johnson
      Chris Johnson
      I would like to get the LCA's and rear tow arms? What is the total cost with 3.3% for paypal?
    7. blkturbo2nv
      I was wondering if you know of any good dsm bodyrepair / paint guys near metro detroit area.
    8. Leo bytyqi
      Leo bytyqi
      Hey mr. Racer, i have a really vip question, let me know if ur around, i really need some help, thanx bro
    9. flex1016
      hey, I need them adjustable rear toe arms for my 97 gsx . how do I get these $$?? lmk please ,thanks
    10. Super 99 DSM
      Super 99 DSM
      Hey Paul,

      Very interested in a 2g rear subframe for a 3kgt rear end with sway bar mounts. Would be interested to get some more info, price and pictures if at all possible. Ready to order shortly, let me know!

      Thank you,

      Derek Klein
    11. GoCanes777
      Hello names Mike, Please add me to your next list for the LCA. I understand it will be some time before you move onto a new list a payment will be waiting when your ready!
    12. SOADweskey
      Please shoot me an e-mail for the next Front LCA group buy.
      1. 99gst_racer
        Will do!
        Jun 1, 2016
    13. n8dsmdriven
      Adjustable tubular 2G AWD/FWD rear toe arms with spherical bearings

      are they available?, please email
    14. DeadlyAKrunna47
      That is great news! Basically i will buy whatever you make for the 2g. still wished you were interested in doing the front cross member for the 2g.
      1. 99gst_racer
        The front k-member jig will be for sale very soon if you know a fabricator up for the task of building one.
        Apr 1, 2016
    15. DeadlyAKrunna47
      Paul.. Your a dsm celebrity to me! Still waiting on the LCA group buy!
      1. 99gst_racer
        :-) Group buy should be live on Monday!
        Apr 1, 2016
    16. BooostedAWD
      I'm down to buy a set of 2G LCAs for your next group buy. If you make another rear subframe, please let me know too!
      Thank you
      1. BooostedAWD
        And if you do a 2g k member, I'd get one of those also. Please, take my money!
        Mar 26, 2016
    17. leet
    18. Slammed95tsi
      are you still building the 2g front k members?
      1. 99gst_racer
        No, I'm not. I just don't have the time for them. I am still doing the rear subframes though.
        Mar 17, 2016
    19. 7946437
      Hey are you still building 1g rear and front members?
      Please email me at
    20. Jagyr_97gsx
      Very interested in buying a 2g tubular rear end soon.
    21. 95g-s-x
      Can you pm me prices for 2g front and rear members
    22. DeadlyAKrunna47
      hey im interested in the 2g subframe!!
    23. Jason99GSX
      Hey man whatsup? Can you shoot me a message. Have a question about your fabrication of the 2g tubular subframe! interested in one! Thanks!
    24. Michael hall
      Michael hall
      I have 99 gst five wold a stock clutch work of I got a 20g??? New to turbocharger cars
    25. Joker927
      Hey I have a 1999 gsx and I have an exhaust leak between downpipe and o2 housing o2 sensor is in downpipe below where the leak is at I have a 16g turbo 750cc injectors manual boost controller and gauge ecm link everything else is stock and it runs very rich starts but won't go anywhere please help
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    Precision angle grinder operator :-)
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    Been DSMing since '01, owned 10 of them since. I'm a true addict. :)


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