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About DSMtuners

DSMtuners is in no way affiliated with Diamond Star Motors, Mitsubishi Motors, Chrysler, Eagle, or Plymouth corporations. We are a web community based around DSM owners who celebrate the modifying of their DSM for increased performance and sanctioned racing.

Our Mission
The number one goal of DSMtuners is to promote the sharing of information and ideas regarding modifications, parts, and the real world results of those modifications. We are an inclusive community that isn't selective in our registration process, however we do demand a certain level of respect and maturity from our members in order to foster a positive atmosphere. We have a small set of rules and policies that everyone is required to follow.

Our site features one of the largest (if not the largest) group of DSM enthusiasts on the internet. We have the highest number of knowledgeable and experienced DSM enthusiasts around who are willing to help others. With that, however, comes an even larger number of new DSM enthusiasts who need to be educated. We work as hard, or harder than any other auto enthusiast site on the web to ensure the beginner enthusiasts get as much out of our site as the hardcore racers. We discourage elitist and negative attitudes and encourage teaching and helping. At the same time, newbies are encouraged to do their own research and to not spread rumors and misinformation. We feel this creates an environment everyone will benefit from for years to come.

DSMtuners takes pride in having a community that's knowledgeable, experienced, and most of all helpful and friendly; attributes that are difficult to find all in one site. Register today for access to ask questions in our forums, share your project build in our DSM Journals section, post photos in our photo gallery, post ads in our free classifieds system, and to search our tech information database for valuable DSM modification information.

Company Background
DSMtuners was built by Chris Raymond, an avid DSMer who wanted to create a DSM portal with innovative new features and functionality - something more than just another forum. This led to the DSM community's first Parts Catalog database, where DSMers could browse all of the parts available for their DSM, the first dynamic DSM Photo Gallery and Timeslips/Dyno database, the first true Classifieds system with built-in member ratings, the first DSM Journals, and other innovative features not previously found in the online DSM world.

While any Joe Blow can open up an online forum or message board these days, we've invested countless hours in building content and features that make our site unique and more complete. While other DSM sites come and go, and others sit stagnant with old information, we continue to find ways to revolutionize the online DSM world. What sets us apart is that forums are only one aspect of our site, as where they are the only aspect on other sites. We create content ourselves regularly and introduce sections and features that are not found on your typical "forum" sites.

DSMtuners is among the last of a dying breed. In a world where large corporate networks are buying up automotive forum sites left and right (and ruining them in some cases), we continue to be family owned and operated by a DSM owner and enthusiast. We truly believe that our smaller focus allows us to stay more involved and maintain a higher level of quality and innovation when compared to networks who are focused more on how the next acquisition will help their bottom line and their position in the market. We feel that DSMtuners is driven by something different than those large corporate networks - the idea that we can create something better than what's currently available, which in turn, will end up making a positive impact on the enthusiast community we serve. It's our unrelenting desire to improve the DSM community that keeps us working hard to bring you a better DSM site. The status quo is simply not acceptable.

Why participate on our site instead of a competing site owned by one of these large corporate networks? Because we're fully dedicated to what we've built and truly want to improve the community we serve. So what's the difference between a network that buys up all their sites as opposed to a network that builds them from scratch? One is usually driven by money and the other usually isn't - usually. Though the large corporate networks may employ car enthusiasts, that doesn't necessarily mean their sites are run by a passionate enthusiast who has a direct emotional tie to the site. Any network that buys up sites instead of building them on its own is not going to offer those communities the same level of attention you'll receive on sites like ours. That is only an opinion, and there will always be an exception to that, but we have seen enough evidence to validate this observation. We recommend that you support sites and networks that have your best interests at heart, as opposed to the "Walmarts" of the industry. Help us build a better auto enthusiast community. Login and participate today, and refer people you know! Together we can make a difference.

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