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Conversation Between dsmer44 and d4rk13l4de
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  1. dsmer44
    04-01-2011 05:09 PM - permalink
    Hey man thanks a lot it helps me out big time.. I figured it would be a big deal to drive as long as I take it easy.. iv been reading up on everything and it may not be quite as difficult as it seems. Just never had experiance with this particular type of tune. Thanks alot
  2. d4rk13l4de
    04-01-2011 04:30 PM - permalink
    well with the MAFT set it to zero's except for your injector size. the tune with the S-AFC t-25 to 50 trim is a big difference you will most likly want to add some fuel but you should be able to drive it home as long as you dont get into boost. then do some reseach and tune from there. if it has a wideband tune for 10.5-10.8 safe rich. a good egt temp to shoot for is around 1300*. but i would get it home nice and easy and then just do a crap ton of research to learn how to tune with the s-afc.
  3. dsmer44
    04-01-2011 04:10 PM - permalink
    Hey man I ran past your post and wanted to ask a quick question. I'm possibly about to but a 92 plymouth laser awd. It has 3" maf t 2.0, (vpc) vein pressure controler,chipped eprom ecu, and safc.. was just wondering how hard it is to get a base tune so I can drive it home at least.. it was tuned with a t25 but now has a 50 trim with all the supporting mods, also has wideband and he said it will need tuned. I did alittle tuning before but never with these tuners. Was just curious if its hard to get dialed in and if you have any tips thanks.. I'm now and can't post a thread so i just need an opinion
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